Vision Quest at the Great Spirit Path - Equinox September 1999 - daily

On August 31, I form a request to learn how to see another star in the same way that I've always seen the sun. That is, I want to be able to be in the light of a different star and have that light be the only one I see. I choose the star Deneb. If you would like to follow this process, choose any star. It does not have to be one you can see and you don't have to have the name. The important thing is to form the intention and pay attention.

star in skyThere is a description with 22 graphics that has teaching and inspirationfor this process. I look at the first graphic on September 1. Each day, I look at the next graphic, counting up to graphic 22 on September 22, the last day before the equinox. Deneb from NoomIt is the story of Noom of planet ^elo^. The "Noom Menu" button on that page pops up a window with each of the 22 small graphics, giving a great overview.
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