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Leo sent this letter for mother's day. He was 21 in 1982. He was a student at UCSB in southern California and had spent the day at sea hiking in the Channel Islands off shore. The dry yellow flowers are still beautiful in 1998.

Here's the text of the letter:

On Mother's Day 1982

To the woman who conceived of me in love
who brought this person into the world
of joy and pain
who introduced me to the wonders and
mysteries of our planet
Patiently enduring the trials of adolesence
To the warm friend I think of most often
when in distant places among strange faces
I offer my heart felt thanks
and deepest love.

Your Son

Wildflowers from Santa Cruz Island,
the Channel Islands, on May 8th

Photo album: Leo's graduation, Leo and Elizabeth, Mother's Day letter, and Caroling. See also my 2001 Mother's Day memorial to Leo or other pages about Leo.

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