Link to Wholeo Online - Flash logo code #1 (obsolete)

Do not use these Flash logos which don't work on all devices in 2013. This page included the code for different Wholeo logos using Flash movies. Each different logo is on a separate page.
For background, see the Wholeo symbol page and the CopyRite page.

How to

Copy the files to the same relative directories as the page where it will appear. Copy the code to the page source. Of course you can use relative paths or recreate the code in your page editor, if you want. If you are linking to another page or anchor on Wholeo Online, you'll have to add that page URL or anchor to the HTML code, too. In late 1999, the icon is evolving, but any form is OK, pick what you like.

Wholeo Online by Caroling, . Look at the page code. Note that you need to change the bgcolor # numbers to match the background color of your pages. That includes parameters for both the OBJECT and EMBED tags. You need ../movies/.gif, ../movies/.swf, and wholeoing.htm files. See also, the mouseover/click and animation versions of the Flash Wholeo Online logo movies. See the copyrite page for Wholeo Online logo usage.

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