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Wholeo Dome rebirthing movie

The images in this Flash movie are the same as on this page, which has descriptions. The timeframe is from May through August, 2004. Macromedia® get flash icon Flash™ 4 + plug-in is required (free). Resize the movie (it changes to fit the size of the browser window). Or see the movie full size (754 x 808 pixels).

plan This graphic helped plan the order of installation, so I knew which panels came next, for inspection and repair.

For descriptions of the rest of the pictures see dig, Alternative School conference, fill, foundation, rebar, floor, entrance, step, frame, attach, repair, reshape, videotape, lead, Community conference, Ragweed, build, artwork, site, ventilate, and finish.

To control the movie, use left prev and right next buttons, like this:

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