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Deer Lake State Park 2016

I have been doing DLSP publishing since 2002. Old start page. A few years ago started the Facebook group I <HEART> Deer Lake State Park. 143 members and a good outlet for me. I think it was when there was a proposal to sell it out in some way. Then used it to start protest/protect Pt. Washington SF when TDC proposed a new Visitor Center where 331 meets 98. Glenda then set up the successful Visions for South Walton group for that, ongoing.

Florida State Park Pocket Ranger app. It is changing the way I walk and record in the park.

Nature TrailNature Trail hike where proposed new trails all fan from.

DLW hike map Here are some maps of the whole park. Note error in trails UMP, as I prove on this unpublished hike: DLW.

DLSP hiking access from 30A Big pic is where I would like to share hikes.

muscadine levee muscadine dead Muscadine on levee by culvert bypassing Deer Lake east on 30A. Green blanket covering the bushes, each year killing them more. All winter it is a pile of dead vines. I have a photo somewhere and will put it in here.

Watery sign at culvert rest stop Does Public Works do this sign? Condensation often makes it hard to read. Why not sealed?

I think the parks should be labeled as clearly and prevalently as the communities like WaterColor, Alys Beach, Seaside, Point Washington State Forest, etc. They put street signs at the lakes at least. Rare coastal dune lakes are one of our best, most advertised treasures. People know which lake it is. I would like signs going east, saying "Entering Deer Lake State Park north", "Entering DLSP south", "Leaving Deer Lake SP south", "Leaving DLSP north". Or simply put signs on north and south sides of 30A. I would be happy if people recognized they were in the park, knew where it was. All they have is the lake sign and the sign at the park entrance.

When I walk the beach and see something of Ranger interest, I now can text Patrick. I have known him since 2003. I mention dogs on beach, especially off leash. Also vendors putting up unrented chair/umbrella set ups. I will be going to Beach Ambassador meetings. I would like them to be educated about the special rules and features of the parks that are in addition to the rest of the beach. They are sponsored by the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles (funded by TDC), with the "Clean, flat, dark" motto, beach etiquette, and local info. They will say leashed, permitted dogs are OK. Not sure they know about no pets in the park.

Big problem is WaterSound west dune crossover right into the park just west of the inoutfall (outfall, inlet) of Deer Lake. When coming from the residential area on the boardwalk, there is no sign saying "No dogs". There are signs saying "No bicycles" though. People do park their bikes on the ramp and don't bring them on the beach. But many people bring their dogs out. They only see the back of the DLSP boundary sign. I have heard every excuse such as owners can bring dogs. Dogs are OK by the water. The park starts east of the lake. The very worst was a guy who said he was an owner amd HOA director who works closely with the county and cares about the park as much as I do. He had let his unleashed big dog race freely all around the inoutfall, into the Gulf and back around through the dunes where the Least Tern colony was. As I approached him, he put the leash on. So he knew something. I try to be non-adversarial, concerned about wildlife in the park which is the only small beach access they have. Also the public deserves the pet-free space too. I try to find out first of all if they know they are in the park. Then do they know the rules. I try to be on their side and friendly.

I propose signs required on the walkover so everyone entering the park beach: 1 knows it is DLSP and 2 knows pets are not allowed.

For awhile I went to "Friends of DLSP" but quit because I stopped picking up garbage at age 80. Or do it when I walk at more convenient times. But I would like to post info about the friends. There is a notice on the state park page. Haven't researched it completely. Fred Wolfe said he was OK with me posting about it. Any suggestions? I have talked to various people about this. Amy of FWC said they had a grant to improve signage and education about park usage. She hadn't fixed it. Actually have not checked it recently. Maybe it is fixed?

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