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The story starts where the movie of Leo's last flight left off. See him aloft over the White mountains. Still lifted timelessly in our imaginations. Left hanging, he has a choice. Leo sees the breathing cloud coming up from the BMW. It attracts him; it looks familiar. In a blast of wind, he veers over near the vertical column of cloud.

Leo sees the chief in the cloud, like a mirror image of himself, as his own Grandpa. Huh? Realm, Being, Fabric? He remembers when Richard Dunlap had a vision. Leo asked the questions and they laughed long and hard.

Suddenly all features of earth flatten as if only a print on a fabric. Leo will not remember any of this when it is over. See Leo like a Mayan figure printed on the fabric, receiving a scroll from another figure. He sits up on the fabric to read the scroll. It is the bird man myth, which is read with help of a universal translator. The bird man myth happened to almost every culture on earth. Some crazy, paying-attention person got it and passed it on to those near. Maori have some good ones, as do Greeks, Egyptians, and Swedes. The Maori might be some of the best preserved, due to isolation of NZ.

My version, seeing seagull, is typical. Man meets bird and they switch places. Problem here is that Leo is the bird seen by the chief. So now Leo will become the man and chief becomes the parapenter.

Everything is backing in. This is how it came to be that the chief flew over the mountains. Only the owl could stop it and the chief knew where owl lived. But there was a terrible price to pay for owl's work. Thanks to the article writer in Parapente, the Magazine (Robert?) we know something of owl's role.

Meanwhile, during the chief's ride, Leo is the scout. Flip over fabric and the logs are not there. Leo is alone scouting tapu mountain inside out. Wishes he was a bird. The breathing cloud is here and bird of prana gives him a ride.

Later, Leo's photos show what he saw on this ride. Some as chief saw in pente and later replayed by Leo with feeling of exhultation and richness, but a feeling of limitation. "Is this all there is to it?" If Leo hadn't done this, I never could have done the glass panel or written Wonder in Aliceland or understood prana path or get what I'm not to get about prana for Elobeing.

See Crater Lake in WA is reverse of peak surrounded by water. May get more info if find such a place, Maybe Thumbs peak in NZ. What part do twisties play? I got prana in Elobeing before. That is the mechanism, but not the experience.

weavingAs I, Carol, do alternate nostril breathing and visualize the prana path, I see an Elobeing dancing it. This forms a weaving of a fabric. So our breathing is chemical/color exchange/transformation. And Elobeing's breathing is weaving of a story kept in the fabric of a scroll. Next story: Not done yet. Medicine Wheel Story

These stories are not in the current pages of the story (added for study on 7/17/98). This story about Leo is good, but needs so much polishing and addition that I think I should keep it commented out for now.

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