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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Birth of an Elobeing

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest.

This one tells about the birthplace of beings and a specific one.

The Elobeing print* is the close one. Look at the drawing at the bottom of the picture, to the right, near the crack. foot. { Note, before ever publishing this, perhaps need to make it a graphic, disguise it, but at least remove all traces to the site, including, especiallly the word Chalfant. Also link this to Elobeing page for OMlulu. } Wondering about the middle footprint at Nume Medicine place. Is it a plant? Doesn't have the rounded heel of a footprint. Thinking it might be like the chants of flames, plants, colors, geometry. This might be the plant print. However, I think it is actually an Elobeing.

Need Leo to create Elobeing. He appears suddenly, frantically, like I'm in his way when crashing to the ground at Gunter whump. He's extremely anxious and irritated that I'm in the way. I say that I'm here to help and he is to be involved in evolution. I hold his left hand and tell him to look at me. When they ask where he is from (while he is dying) and he says, Minneapolis, NZ, then I say Deneb and he's into it deeply.

So we go to the Chalfant stones. I say look what we're creating. It is possible because of the heart chakra day (in the carolyoga daily healing celebration series). The place is a nursery for different species. Look at the various sizes and shapes of wombs, nests, and cells cut into the rocks. So from this chakra on, the Elobeing is associated with this place.

See a vision of Leo's face with all kind of emotions and approximations of him, like kind of playing with a scrap book of memories, multimedia capability. Zooming in and out, rendering creatively, could be posterized, just outline, at twisting turning angles, quite fun. Like, I remember this guy, here are some snippets.

Seeing an Elobeing hovering there over the rock. The pictograph is not the footprint of an Elobeing, that doesn't have one. So it must have been the memory of someone who saw an Elobeing.

How did it happen that I needed Leo to help me? Was the twister there, able to land twisting down as the baboon? Wondering about the four paths of footprints. The left is the elder person, the next is the younger person, the next is the Elobeing, and the right is the ancient one. All run together. The one ready to ascend takes off and the rest stay. In this case Elo is to ascend.

So together we rush along the stones and Leo takes off with the Elobeing. I'm left looking at the baboon, or twister. We sit down facing each other and talk. I'm comforted. However, this doesn't last long. It seems we must go back and see that the Elobeing appears in time for it to become part of the pictographs. That is another story.

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