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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story,Origin

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest. This page tells origin insights.

See that the indian circle preexisted the logs. Could douse the wheel to find out where the trees were rooted originally, but is likely that the wheel area was an open area all along. Plants would grow there because of the deep spring start under it. There are magic rocks under it that may create the instrument. Which was enhanced, articulated, and adapted for the particular use by the NAs (Native Americans). This is a new concept of technology. Instead of cutting resources off from Gaia, work wholistically with the existing configuration. This has always been a myth, such as going to a power-place. It has been used, is not new. But perhaps the understanding of the mechanisms might become more precise and recorded, so transferable to non-shamans.

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