Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story: First Animal

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The first footsteps belong to the first animal. When the animal spirit ranged overhead, it was looking for a certain pattern of color that would indicate the only possible enabling conditions for landing.

colorsThere were many colored patches, but it had to be just right blue. When the animal saw the blue patch, that was it. Stopped above. Reached down with the basal twist, which became a left foot and spun slowly clockwise until landing.

The same with leaving. By then the blue spot had moved but the animal found it. It put the foot on the spot, then took off counterclockwise spinning. By the time of leaving, the animal had adapted to earth. In leaving, it needed help from the wind and other atmospheric conditions.

The conditions that cause the blue are to be found in various combinations of elements all the way through the earth. Seeing the color is a function of the animalıs perception and the earthıs response to the animalıs aura. So it wouldnıt be seen or be effective for any other animal.

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