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Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story, Benetron

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These pages are records of trips taken on the search for the whole self, visiting the ancient Bristlecone forest.

This one tells how about Benetron.

Benetron as formed from the caretaker logBenetron as tree rooted in MET overlooking BMWBenetron as WHB*.


Bristlecone Medicine Wheel Story: How Elobeing Came Into Rock Art Time I'd like to modify the concept of the missing link, with the missing chunk. So here I have some missing chunks for my story. I'm going to call these episodes. I said that I was going to a Maori Marae in NZ and see what happens. But I didn't ever get there.

Answered question posed last time, how Elobeing came into Rock Art time. Also had asked how Elobeing came to be and how did it happen that I needed Elo to help? Was precious presence just there?

Thoughts about spirals and circles. How making a spiral from a wheel might seem hard for us to do. But making a circle or wheel from a spiral is even harder. Most of what we experience is spirals. For example we are born and in one year return to the position on earth relative to the sun. That seems like a cycle to us. We call it an anniversary and our birthday seems like something fixed to us. However, we know that much changes each year and that we are spiralling around the galactic center as the sun moves too. We tend to create rings for stability. Then we try to create spirals for growth. It is a continual pattern of ring, spiral, ring, ... . Really stable rings are very hard to create and mostly an illusion. For example, folks who create the ring of a marriage, where it seems the same, but both people have evolved and changed together, so the marriage is a spiral too, just looks like a ring sometimes.

The red ring around the Elobeing, that Leo created the prototype at cremation by expanding spirals to around earth and compressing them vertically to rings around earth, was a great feat. The outside ring of a MET is a big secret of creation, into wheel-ring. And time travel. Compresses to ring and moves concentric.

So when was Elobeing created? Don't know now. Baboon was to come teach me. Pulling in vertical thread of time. Still have horizonal disk of time. So can skip to any linear instance of time. To get Elobeing back in time. Start back 10,000 years? 25,000 years? And will be 2,500 by time people see Elobeing again.

The baboon and I go up to the BMW. The fact that bcones dated at 4K years, there are some still from 5K that were there when Elobeing was seen and the rock art made. What else could the print that I have identified as the Elobeing be? Foot, mushroom, storm cloud, sheaf, bouquet, explosion? (rock art book shows a sandal with squarish heel)

We walk the wheel, in the order shown at the left. Then we emerge from the center and count back to 8. There we close the circle and walk around back in, starting with what is called 9, but calling it 1. So we have a closed circle of 7 nodes with the 8th in the middle. It is associated with previous 8? Close at 8? So 8 is 1 (or 0 in octal). Then the straight side of the bark on the back side of the baboon/wind takes over. {Does wind whirl us back to rock art creation time?

Thinking about maybe that's why station2 looks so small, 1 is drawn out is really 0 divides 1 into 1 and 2. Split it and 16 is really beyond state. Thinking that maybe there are really 14 (then would match our chakra map). Cut off in/out path of spiral. Do circle, pull in vertical thread and go back. Then bide time. So Elobeing was there until Leo/elo came and started spiral of evolution, which closed in ring at creation becoming part of elobeing. See a large Elobeing over BMW, as big proportionally related to a MET ring the size of the wheel.

Another story chunk (episode) how rock art people used vision of Elobeing.

Another : will anyone miss Elobeing now since it took off with Elo? Or is it really still there? Does journal say anything that explains it? Need to research Sept-Dec, end of year, 1992 and more, probably. I've been getting this in fits and starts.

Next story: Not done yet. Medicine Wheel Credits: * photos © Caroling 1996
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