Ritual acts - Blessings of Gaia, Flash movie

Magic is afoot! May the blessings of Gaia be upon you.

Sing to the spirit of earth best known as Gaia. Gaia does not have to be she, identified with ancient Mother Earth. Older forms of the song greet the Goddess, associated with feminism and Wicca, neither of which I know much about. Even though the goddess concept is age-old and part of all our roots, today the word goddess often stands for a feminine form of the word god and that is not what this is about. When we do this dance in a circle, we greet the spirit in each other.

Blessing Description
0 May the bessings of Greet the personification of Gaia,
1 Gaia be upon you swinging hands overhead and around to the side, in an all-encompassing circle.
2May her peace Reach out hands flat to give and receive energy,
3 abide in you with left hand up, right down, 1" apart from the other's. Be peaceful.
4 May her presence Move left hand to the other's high heart,
5 illuminate your heart and put right hand over the other's hand at your heart. Be present in illumination.
6Now and forever more Bow forward with reverence and respect and prayer to the other, with the hands together towards the forehead. Complete the bow with hands overhead, leaning back in joy.

For the movie, you need get Flash Flash 3 or higher. Listen to song (you need get QT 4 QuickTime 3 or higher). See immersive imaging for help. See an early footprint in the Path Through Weeds.

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