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Within the EIE, March 1999 equinox

LivePicture logoHere is a panoramic view EIE from within. To see it, you need a Live Picture viewer from http://www.livepicture.com/.

The panorama viewer display is not the highest quality but the download is small for what you get -- 100 KB. You can see the parts of Wholeo undistorted, in the round. You spin back, forth, up and down, just as you would look around if you were really there, inside the form. Put your pointer in the window and drag it around. The viewer space is a sphere.

If you come back to this page and see a black image of the Live Picture logo, it means that the panorama is in a popup window somewhere on your computer. On some platforms, the viewer is separate from the browser. You can leave it open or quit the Live Picture viewer. If you close the viewer window, to reopen the panorama viewer, you might have to restart the browser .

See Wrinkle Links for more information about things wrinkly.

path iconSee immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online.

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