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Click the movie and drag to spin around the wheel. Or use keyboard arrow keys.

Great Spirit Path Stone Poem - inside, Noomlight 3

The Great Spirit Path is a wheel. This movie is what happened when stitching photos together in QTVRAS (QuickTime VR Authoring Studio). I had set the tilt to -45, to represent the angle of the camera. So the computer got creative, and fanned the dusty colors out in moire patterns. In that spirit, I used QuickTime Player, with QuickTime Pro, to set the graphics mode of the movie controller to an alpha blue color. It worked in the player. However, when Netscape 4.6 opens the movie, the color is muddy greens. After reload (refresh), the blue colors appear. That is, locally, on the Macintosh, but not when downloaded online. I have not tested this with other platforms or browsers. The movie is about 500KB. It is seen in cobalt blue Noomlight of the planet ^elo^. (Explanation to come.)

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