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Imagine, Evolution -- disclaimer

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Channeling information about evolution is in itself evolving. It involves everything. In the ritual space, Lost and Found, there are sculptures and art works. There are many steps in carolyoga and years of journal writing devoted to evolution. This is a summary of findings.

Questions....I think there are two or three paragraphs about this time in journal, that I was going to provide as disclaimer. That it is hard to distinguish between human, different kinds of human, evolved, being, Benetron and so on. And the other problems. How link info to IRIS and LBs. Why are they under evolution? Is there a big missing link between LB of 1980 and 1992, the expansion of human. Where does that fit? How do I know if IRIS and LBs are not under our evolution, like where we came from.

7/18/98 Just realized that I see Elobeing as much more active as consciousness than as body. Whereas human just the opposite. Not sure of the implications of this comparison. Or truth under scrutiny. OOps big problem!! What is a realized entity? Is that lowest common denominator? Or is that the goal of an entity? Is an entity a being? Furthermore, the big problem is what comes up in reading the 95 journal for this healing. I talk of an advanced MET body torusCore. Now, is that a human evolution or an Elobeing one? As I write, I'm deciding to put all my advances into an Elobeing, rather than just say it is Wonder or Caroling evolved or realized.


7/19/98 ... CLB, WLB,? and so on. Path problem ... putting this in for now, no it is at the beginning of evolution. There is a "big questions" heading in

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