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Elobeing history - MET 9-28-99

info flow

Starting to do situps, one of those deja vu flashback several time at once experiences. Thinking of the ring and sending back through the MET, ring, and flow of Elobe. (See 12/30/92.)

Need to send (or retransmit what being sent) something that I gathered then that needs to go back now.

I see it flow up like tiny bubbles releasing, lighter than air. Wonder how long the stream will continue. Is it draining? I get that it will go on from now on. That's part of the deal.

Then see the bubbles consolidate more like very narrow bar codes of info modulation along the bubble paths. See it as shoestrings printed with info bands streaming up. Finally, it gets so fine that I can't really see it. Can't draw the short lines. Did enlargement lower right. Color of scene and bubble paths really like orchid aura, but bar codes dark.

The roots of Elobeing come together in history, this is MET banners . This is how root visions come together for the design. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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