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Elobeing history - MET 12-4-97

tube twistie

Saw that can untether neuron connections and take off as a sphere. Then draw in the neuron connections to center, in reverse to create a fat torus, then torus. Then it comes apart, and reaches out as a fat, tubular twistie! That part was scary, very adventurous. At that point, could link up with other such twisties.

After drawing this, thought, what would happen to the patterns on the sphere if did this as 3D graphic?

Way to mutate. Wiggly tubes go everywhere. Eloorb as Elotube. At end of Carolyoga saw that the tubeworm is mutating shape, can taper to become an evolutionary integrator. Or can broaden at end to be like sheaf, enter into Elobeing. Like soul entering or something else I think. Guidance? Color eating? A UFO Elobeing? Seems kind of like a docking, maneuver like space ships. Or like a delicate operation performed indirectly with microscopic tweezers. Maybe this is a vitamin? It might be a way to communicate, like a tete-a-tete, intimate exchange. Like ultimate elephant trunking of banners?

The roots of Elobeing come together in history, this is MET banners . This is how root visions come together for the design. For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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