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TLM Light Traces, QuickTime scrub

This is a study in the geometry of consciousness. It is an impression of the light tracing on faces of one Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM) made of two tetrahedrons, a duotet. After the movie downloads, to get a better idea of TLM trace action, grab control and scrub back and forth quickly. Alternatively, see a reference movie, a Flash version, or a few images from the movie. It is shown in a 5-fold compound movie.

To see the referenced movie on this page, you need QuickTime 7+, available at Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing.

I modified a Wolfram Demonstrations Project example in Mathematica to produce the graphics for this animation. You can see the original in the Wolfram Mathematica Player, at this site:
Contributed by: Michael Trott
I downloaded the demonstration source code and got a trial version of Mathematica to edit and work with the notebook. I used Snapz Pro X 2.12, Photoshop CS3, QuickTime Pro, and Final Cut Pro for production.

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