Union - description

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Union - Description

Union explores images of self and other. The theme is love, within you and without you. The concepts, content, and technical development are described under each of the two parts and the top page.

Top page - Description


Union is a balancing of opposites. The top page of Union is a gateway to two different kinds of balancing: the self within you and the other outside you. The Union image is formed from objects expressing the union of opposites. In themselves, they come from cultures at opposite sides of the globe. The background is a sequined and beaded Haitian Voudou fetish of Ezili, the cosmic womb in which divinity and humanity are conceived. The dancing statue is Shiva, the ancient Indian creator and destroyer. Together, they symbolize the ins and outs of union.


Single JPEG image.

Technical development

Images scanned and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop on Macintosh PPC. All web pages edited with PageSpinner.

Self - Description

Self is an exhibit of images of Wholeo, the stained glass dome, devoted to the search for the whole self.


To provide an environment simulating the experience of being inside the stained glass dome. The space is spherical, with brilliantly colored light and significant visionary images all around you, even underfoot. Here you meditate on visionary images of inner development of being.


Source images, descriptive text, and organization into topics: book, tour, history, colored light, or questions.

Technical development

The initial images for these views were photographs taken in the 1970s when the stained glass dome was installed. These images are featured in the SITO exhibit. The slides are scanned into a Macintosh PPC using a Microtek 1850S. Images are processed with Adobe Photoshop mainly.

Other - Description

Other is a web-based artwork that is ongoing from Feb. 14, 1999 through Aug. 14, 1999, called Happy Valentines Day. The addition each month is complete in itself. However, the whole work will be a synergy of these complete parts when finished in August. It is a love story, from introduction of the two people, through their meeting and eventual wedding, It is a picture story of six installments.


The concept of this work is to present a love story visually, with elements of archetypal, mutual, and personal growth. Suspense is developed by gradually revealing it over time and different web pages. It follows the ancient art form of the Advent Calendar and the more recent art form of the story board, so it could be continued for output in print or movie works.


  • Main menu
    • February 14
    • Awaken
    • March 14
    • Go to the point
    • April 14
    • Meet
    • May 14
    • Exchange
    • June 14
    • Face
    • July 14
    • Dance
    • August 14
    • Join

Technical Development

Raw materials are photographic prints and slides of people and objects scanned into a Macintosh PPC. Software: Adobe Photoshop 5 and Adobe Image Ready 1.

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