Colored Light Beings and Wholeoid glows

At the Great Spirit path, Bristlecone Medicine Wheel colored light beings (CLBs) join the rings of stones. This series is for the June solstice 2000.

In the panoramic version, you can spin around, choosing a position for color healing. You become the artist, composing the backgrounds as you spin and zoom, such as this


In the beyond the gate version, the Gaia Point surround becomes the background for a Wholeoid energy figure glowing the aura, flexing tetrahedrons. You can stop the movie anytime, such as the scenes in this list.

Movie clip scenes

  • Exist, with chakra spheres
  • Explore tetrahedrons
  • See back tet
  • See front tet
  • Overlap
  • Flex tetrahedrons
  • Expand - Insee - Evolve
  • Open tetrahedrons
  • Concentrate - focus - intend - insee - raisin
  • Beam
  • Beam, with BMW CLB and Gaia Point energies, lift
  • Glow within
  • Glow within aura

Here's a list with an image from each scene.

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