Colored Light Beings and Wholeoid glows - Clips

At the Great Spirit path, Bristlecone Medicine Wheel colored light beings (CLBs) join the rings of stones. This series is for the June solstice 2000.

Movie clip scenes:

  • exist Exist, with chakra spheres
  • explore Explore tetrahedrons
  • back tet See back tet
  • front tet See front tet
  • overlap Overlap
  • flex tets Flex tetrahedrons
  • expand Expand - Insee - Evolve
  • Open tetrahedrons
  • concentrate Concentrate - focus - intend - insee - raisin
  • Beam
  • beam and lift colors Beam, with BMW CLB and Gaia Point energies, lift
  • glow within Glow within
  • glow in aura Glow within aura

Here's a list without the images.

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