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Energy patterns of the Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM) - EIE Clip

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This graphic shows the synergy of five brain cell storage blocks with respect to an EIE. That is a structure of their interrelationships. The colors of the EIE are red, yellow, and blue, with respect to a single block. The two tetrahedrons rotate five times, once for each brain cell. So here we have elements of the evolutionary brain cell placed symbolically, suggestively and out of proportion to each other. It gives a sense of what is involved, something like an animated parts diagram for a mechanism. But this is a process, which is much harder to vis ualize.

See a sphere of this scene, with the full cosmic symbols above and below. The sphere viewer is a Java applet. Or see a slide show of a few views of the movie. Or see a cosmic symbol and the tetrahedronal light muscle (TLM). Or see descriptions of the TLM movies. See the panorama without the movie clips (240 KB) or with the movie clips (280 KB). This clip is not in the panorama. See other clips.

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