The City scroll text

The City scroll is a long or rather high, viewed vertically, rolling up artwork. Here is the text of what is written on the scroll image, from the start at the bottom on up. Some is quite hard to read. Parentheses ( ) enclose notes on visuals that have no text. Footnotes * are for comments.

The City
People stopping identifying self with a rigid slow house.
Now all living in the soft, mobile city*
literally, one house for all people.
Caroling 1967.

Here rises the City

Transportation 500 MPM(inute)

We take photos of what people find to do there. The world, still natural ->.

Where we are sleeping

pregnant cat

(eating) (dancing)

the grand plumbing duct

(love-making) (cellular structure and transportation tube over someone in nature) (literary pursuits) (music and vibration arts)

the teachers breathing

(hanging out) (children playing)

Before city. After city.

Alcatraz de-jailed.

Tweezle Wootz appear

(transportation tubes)

Could it be our world is a seed? Our new city is a sprout? We will grow up into something?

No more "pet" shops

The sun is waking them

Soap. Cleaning first, the young couple go to wake up in a river

the edge of the city. River is actually far below

Available light 180°. Intensified by colored light
Their day is interrupted by a vision from a person sitting in the light coming through a colored glass window.

food like laser light. next room

So structure of growth can't be straight up
has to go alternately, spirally

Up from the river to eat food grown in air intake. Plants grown like laser.
Back to the day day of two kids

Does everyone use the same toothbrush?

In the day they go out in space to dig cosmic vibrations. This is called tune ing . It used to be called math, music, religion, dancing, engineering, gym, etc.

Fresh air from the world freed from humans. O we still give it (the earth) our shit and our bodies, which is what she wants and now f*ck! f*ck! the lovely air to breath and make with

Then they whisk off to San Francisco to commune with others. SF has become all park. Not even Coit Tower is missed. This walking dancing sending messages with all senses is very important development.

I am optician. I am architect - contractor. A dome of bus window tinted glass. A dome of prism cuts bending blue in - projecting red out! Don't need light bulbs in day? Can the earth survive without our sacrament: excrement (shit)?

* Note about the title page. If two words were not crossed out before and after the word "city", it would read
"mobile house-body city corporate".

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