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Find the Cursor

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012 Festival

On June 8, the fifth annual Digital Graffiti had two nights: this is from the Gallery Stroll on Friday. With my video, I played Find the Cursor. Found, as shown above, right in front of our eye. Proving that the show was after all a virtual experience created by Alys through the digital looking glass. This image and video features the "1,111 Windows to the Soul" by Michael Bowen. Here is a 1:30-minute video of it.

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012, Alys in Digiland - Find the Cursor from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo or YouTube.

Photographer challenge. There have to be at least 1,111 shots taken with the cursor in it. Who can find the sharpest image? More important is what is happening to me. When I see the cursor, my whole experience seems to zoom into the cloud. It was a Wi-Fi experience after all. A holodeck recreation of Alys Beach that we entered when walking over that logo and through the gate. Could have generated an electrical charge that suspended disbelief. Staring at the eyes on the round balcony, it's a short leap of the imagination for me now to hallucinate Alys herself, Alice reborn, through the digital looking glass, stepping out, touching us with her now cursor wand. The real Alys of course invisible to our digitized experience.

Bamboo flute music by James Michael Wisniewski (Jimmi wZ). Track: Ascension from the CD Urban Meditations.

Each year I find an easter egg, a cursor.

2012: dg 2012 cursor 2011: hourglass cursor 2010: dg 2010 cursor 2009: cursor, 2009

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