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Thanks to Adrienne Kereopa, Department of Conservation, Waipoua Forest Visitor's Center, for her suggestions and help in developing the prototypes for these pages. Thanks to her associates, Jos Deeming and Rose Cowan, for general background on conservation issues of New Zealand and leading me through the bush (bushwhacking).


Maxwell was the first guardian of the forest. McGregor was given the job of studying the ecology in 1925. He was a professor in the Dept. of Zoology, University College, Auckland. Maxwell and McGregor together worked to save the kauri forest.
The visitor's center loaned me the book, ``The Waipoua Kauri Forest of Northern New Zealand'' by W. R. McGregor. It is a really good read. This work was instrumental in securing the forest as a national park. Published in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1948, by Abel, Dykes Ltd.


Agathis australis is the botanical name for the kauri.

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