Ascend, as image map

Wholeo Online} ~ {Color} ~ {Higher Source Heavens Gate Healing} ~ {Easter Eggs *One*} ~ {Easter Eggs **TWO**} ~ {All 40 eggs} ~ {Ascension}

Clicking the image map brings up a second window with the selected egg. Place it away from the main image map page. To select another egg, click the image map again.

Run your mouse over the dark cloud band that represents 39 colored light spirits. When you see words in the status bar of your browser, pause. Your mouse is over a hot spot in the image map. If you click, you see an Easter Egg graphic for that spirit. If your browser supports Javascript, clicking on a hot spot brings up a second browser window named 'Basket' with an egg in it. If not, I can't predict, but I hope that you'll see the egg and then come back to this page. Illumination of the Twin Flame graphic

Graphic alternative. (No egg numbers)

The main graphic in the project is named Illumination of the Twin Flame. The design was created for a competition, as a stained glass window in the public library in Guerneville, California. The original artwork, © Caroling 1981, is now in the private collection of Henry Polard.

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