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This section of the catalog is for testing. If you see something here, hey, you don't have to order it. If it moved elsewhere on the Web, it'll be linked when it reappears.

Computer Art sent to an art site

I sent the following images when invited to appear on a not-for-profit Italian site devoted to culture. See THAIS - Computer Art Page. (The URL, http://www.thais.com/computer-art/ is no longer active, so this page is obsolete.) Under the Authors: frame, click on Geary, Carol.

Here is a note that should go with the images. (THAIS omitted it)

Biography of Caroling

I always wanted to be an artist. I am in search of my whole self, a concept I call "Wholeo". Since receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, I've gone through these phases:
  • Zen ink and large oil paintings, trying to paint what I saw from 1954-1967.
  • Then a friend said, ``What do you see when your eyes are closed?'' I painted, drew, sculpted, and modeled these visions, putting the final results into a stained glass dome named Wholeo, finished in 1977. It is 14' in diameter, big enough to surround you with colored light and the inner visions.
  • To make more sense of the fragments of my whole self I had seen, I began to do books, with words and pictures. Dreamwork, group therapy, and spiritual healing finally led me to become an electronic technician, computer programmer, and technical writer for software developers. The books went online. I began to design color healing spaces using SuperCard on the Macintosh computer, to generate interactive user interfaces.
  • Being able to communicate over the Net is the best step yet, starting in 1997. I envision publishing my journal, design for a new species, and views of the mystical artspace, LostNFound. Interactive features include MeditateNet and Lookout 2000, the millennium.
Here are the titles of the graphics at the THAIS site:
  • Transformation Body as Root
  • Elobeing Color Healing a Bristlecone Log
  • Maori Shaman Woman Spirit
  • New Zealand West Coast Spirits
  • UFO Focus at Two Thumbs

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