Note in 2005: this page is obsolete. It is here for historical reasons only. Now there is a real Color Healing Program that requires Macromedia Flash 6+.

Pictures from the Color Weather project. (Error message tip: Click "Pictures ...". Then browser "Back". Sometimes this enables the Roadster plug-in.)

For background information about this project, see Color Weather introduction. The project help is not yet developed. To create a color layout, choose the menu item. You can overlay it with a rune casting. To recreate a color layout is a clumsy process, but it works if you follow these steps exactly:

This procedure works to recreate a rune or color stone casting too, mailing the data and choosing to recreate either the rune or color stone casting from the menu.

Features coming soon are: rune casting with a color background of your choice (instead of a color layout), a single choice option for combined layout and rune casting, and help.

Known problems and limitations

  1. When you recreate a color layout, rune or stone casting, the mail info is not updated. So if you do mail data, it is for the last new color layout or rune casting that was created.
  2. Although you can view the lists of previous healings, you cannot recreate by clicking a list item. This is a feature that might be supported. Since you can't save the project, it would only be useful for healings you create during the current session.
  3. You need to clear Netscape's data cache for several reasons, including: seeing a Roadster project that is updated on the server (you won't see it by reloading the page) and refreshing an error condition with the project.
  4. The labels are not visible against a black background.

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