Sunrise meditation 2015-04-18 for new moon 5

Sunrise with ECMS
15 minutes after sunrise, just after meditation, clouds moved in, diffusing golden sunlight everywhere

Year 2015 New Moon 5 Meditation

Joyful jump in wave On new moon 5 day, April 18, I did three focused meditations. Sunrise with ECMS from 6-6:30AM CDT, walk on beach from 7-8AM, and during the new moon time from 1:50-2:10PM, for the new moon moment at 1:59PM. Followed up, seeing earthshine and the new crescent moon a couple of days later. See blog for comments.

Air into lungs at new moon mediation time

The couple in the wave splashing waters are like sun and moon of the day. The evolutionary splurt is from new moon time meditation visualization, raising blue glass of water, saying "Open . . . lungs". See pictures below from the movie of my meditations, wonderful times.


See the movie: YouTube, Vimeo, or direct.

Movie title Honoring new moon 5 on April 18, 2015. Sunrise. Align time. Earthshine.

Sunrise meditation Sunrise meditation. Can't see the moon. She is nearly in front of the sun.

Align at new moon 5 time Align time 2PM CDT at this moment I am here in line with earth-moon-sun. Meditating.

Earthshine Three days later. Earthshine illuminates her. I see her sunlit crescent.

See Year 2015 New Moon 5 page.

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