Hello Galaxy New Moon 5, 2015

Earth is coming around the sun toward the center of the galaxy

Year 2015 new moon 5

The sun zooms around the center of the galaxy (GC). See arrow on the racetrack in image for the direction. Earth zooms around sun toward GC. On Apr. 18 at 1:59 p.m.CDT, the fifth new moon in this 13-moon cycle pulls between earth, me, and sun, lining us up for that moment. Feel the angular momentum.

Wholeo Triangulation players"You are here" iconSee the graphic with the "you are here" icon. Also Triangulation Galactic with the players: Me, Moon/Sun, and GC


Note: NOT to scale. The sun, moon, earth, and galaxy all have different sizes and different distances from each other. Positions are relative to each other.

Sunrise meditation New Moon 5 Meditation including a movie.

Earthshine Earth Day eve moon shot showing earthshine on April 21, three days after the new moon.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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