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In 2009, join movement of the ancient american prophesies (see April). Continue to look forward to the year 2012.

New Year's Eve

February 14, Valentine's Day

March Equinox March 20 at 11:44 UTC. See for details. World Wide Panorama entry.

Earth Hour March 28 at 8:30 p.m. local time (20:30), turn off lights for an hour. See Here's what I wrote:

What are "the lights"? I'm wondering. During Earth Hour I will turn off lights I see. Assuming lights are electronics. Or are lights anything that destroys the precious dark of night? Including candles and flashlights? I'll notice which lights I can do without and which ones I choose to need, such as my refrigerator. Also I'll notice which lights I can't control, like the cell phone tower, the street lights, the lighting in my condominium complex and I'll say how I feel about them. Strictly speaking, turning off the lights turns off my means of communicating. Perhaps I'll need to remember and record later. This exercise should build awareness and skills.

Earth Lounge radio show, April 16 2009, 30A radio. Snookie Parish interview with about deer lichen.

Choctawhatchee Estuary Family Festival, May 2 2009, Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park. sponsored Deer Lichen display and walk.

Return of the Ancestors, April 18-28 2009, Northern Arizona, Earthworks for Humanity, Background info on "Bridging the Americas - Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca - March 19 - 23, 2007" is documented at The Spirit of Ma'at on this page: with photos and text here: Affiliations: Institute for Cultural Awareness, and Earth Dance, . See the video at The Time of the Sixth Sun

June Solstice - June 21 at 5:45 UTC LIVE H2O in the evening (forgive them from being Judeo-Christian-Native American. They pray to be global and worldwide). World Wide Panorama entry.

fire the grid IIFire the Grid II :: Be Present, 2009-07-28, 23:19 GMT daylight time, or all day. Go to and choose your language. We assembled once again from all corners of our world as a collective body of energy to meditate simultaneously for 1 hour (60 minutes). See the final event in 2011.

September Equinox - September 22 at 21:18 UTC. World Wide Panorama entry.

Back to Nature Festival - October 16-18. 8th annual event sponsored by South Walton Community Council. Local, Emerald Coast in NW Florida, USA. See my report.

December Solstice - December 21 at 17:47 UTC. Solstice Day of Silence - all day silent meditation observing sunrise and sunset, walking on the beach in the dark and in the forest in the light. This initiates a series of 12 solstice and equinox celebrations leading up to 2012.
Let's remember the Voice of the Heart Although the web site is gone, join a French initiative inviting us all to sing from our hearts at noon local time. It was started on December 21, 2007 and continues until December 21, 2012.

For worldwide events, see the Global Meditations Calendar at Peace Watch Here are some more: 3 minutes of silence and peace clock.

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