Last year for Lookout, we looked out to Mars and completed our transition to the new millennium. This year Wholeo is not focusing on particular events in time. In a dark age, it is best to see in the dark. Look forward to the year 2012.

March 20, Equinox, GMT 19:16. In spite of the above statement, the Florida Deer Lake State Park coastal dunes is the scene of a special moment in time. 10:00 in the morning was its last wild hour. Later in the day fences crossed the wild area, separating private from public property and defining a narrow path to the Emerald Coast gulf beach.

June 21, Solstice, GMT 13:24. A wand for that magic moment. Can be recycled and used virtually for ever after. See QTVR panoramas taken at that moment in a magic place, Deer Creek State Park dunes and beach access to an emerald vista.

This page is the entry to the 2002 Prix Ars Electronica site, devoted to the Evolutionary Elobeing on stage and interactive.

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