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Note: This is a tribute written by a new friend to Caroling and Wholeo.Net, who came to know of Leo Geary in this way, as she describes it:

My first "tune-in" to Leo, came from your adoration and description of him, and an essence left in the Dome, 2nd the pictures of him in the Dome, 3rd his pictures in various acrobatic ventures. I felt I was with Leo in the film Inception and that he was reassuring that he was indeed, falling free.

"My dear friend Caroling: Again, I am asking you to read with tolerance, another piece, this time, what I have written in honor of your son. Keeping in mind, that I know, words can never encompass all of a being, but I do believe Leo has visited my mind for a bit."

Leo, can only be described in open-ended actions and verse:
He was a stunt man at heart, the ironic comedian, Curious George
A strong jaw and knit-browed brother
A wandering son to a wondrous mother

The first guy out, the last guy in - he breathed for "The Wild Things!"
He IS the Game piece you never want to lose.
He was born never to be, or do, "half" of anything.
He was a 360. He intended to climb every mountain, and leave his essence

Adventurer, risk taker, dream maker, provoking teacher
Earthy, compromising, self-reliant - a friends' friend
All encompassing, open, appreciative, musical and mad
A climber, diver, sailor, paraglider - master

Ocean, sky and earth lover
Man, animal, and creature embracer
Full-throttle senses, geared-action drive
Completing compelling experiences --- ALIVE!

Deafening dives, spirals and spins
Bike or Body or artificial fins
Full-turned circles - flying without wings
Under, over, around and through rocks and things

Traveled land, air, sea, and ether
Synchronized speed and tilt physics - climbs, dives and drifts
Master of the boards, bikes, babes and beaches
Hand always outstretched ..... asking ... anchoring ... altering ...

Aerial, grounded, beyond, in-between, and underneath
3 dimensional vision like an eagles-eye teen, or a child named "Ben" - after him
- He had "been" there, and done that, limber and limb!
Wonderer, Weaving, wavering, wacked and willing - Whole.

"He didn't want to hear that failure was common" - a stormy gale!
And he lived to prove that statement faint and pale
As he glided with diversity,
Found New Zealand a place to hale

Seizing a vagrant's lips a sec, he came to confirm - and once more - repeat,
"It happens to everyone...." they get lost, or fail or die, or meet?
What doesn't " happen to everyone ...." is that they truly LIVE.
And if you knew Leo, you'd know the meaning of "give."

And, I bet, that he put one bottle in the sea that says "Recycle Me."
His last flight of free-falling, became his way of falling free.
Populace by self definition - but far from a common man
He was WHOLE LEO, and I met him in Never land.

Pamela B Courtney, co-authors Carol Geary and Elizabeth, August 9, 2010

Leo, age 8Leo born, 1961See pages about Leo.

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