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Note: On April 24, 2002, I realized that Jim Wafer's web pages and email connection are no longer active. Consider this a page out of history.

This is support page 2 for the "New Zealand Spirit Paragliding Flight". The timezone difference makes New Zealand one day ahead of USA. (Saturday in NZ is Friday in USA.) Message from Jim Wafer, September 8, 1999:
"Hi, Just Letting you know I should be flying across the Cook Strait early on Saturday morning if the weather is as predicted. I will be sending "live' Digital pictures (1 every 2 minutes) direct to my livelink page at my website: http://www.actrix.gen.nz/users/nzflight". (Note "early" is about 8 or 9 a.m.)
Message from Jim, August 21, 1999:
"Still working on the Cook Strait crossing. It's going well. About another 10 days and I'll be ready to fly it. Today I recieved the snowboards I needed to fit onto the trike to enable it to travel on snow. I've included two pics of the model of the trike in bike and snow mode."

trikebike skitrike

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