Mel Geary Memorial - Legacy studio home movie

Mel designed and supervised construction of his studio home in Danville, PA, USA. I don't know his ideas but it looks like a good place for him to create art, show his work, live, and raise his daughter in a natural setting not too far from schools, hospitals and other city services. I first saw blueprints and heard about it in 1999. He said it was to be his "legacy". He had been an architectural designer and had helped many artists create living spaces in industrial lofts in Manhattan. For awhile he co-owned a stained glass window business. He always kept painting. His studio was a dream come true. I trust it speaks for itself. The video is a walk around inside the studio during a visit on a winter afternoon in December 2006. Take a look.

This song is one Mel liked in 1958.

See also "Mel's Transition" and "Being in a Movie", Flash or QuickTime.

The musical video from features Harry Belafonte singing Matilda.

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