World Shoot Panorama at the Gateway of Dreams

Sculpture panorama



It is the winter solstice, December 21, 1997. At 9 a.m. in Hawaii (11 a.m. here, PST) and simultaneously scattered around the world, over 60 QTVR producers each shoot a panoramic view. That is they take a series of photographs in a 360 degree circle, a slice of life in their part of the world. Then the race is on to turn the photos into QTVR web site graphics. (Quicktime Virtual Reality could be described as virtual reality for the rest of us. For me it is an entry. I'm not yet sure how far it will take me.)

This graphic is the source picture for a QTVR panorama.

See Wrinkle in Time for World Shoot site. For a newspaper story, see or see, filed under 97/12/26.

Here's my shot, Solstice at the Gateway of Dreams. See more information about this ritual space.

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