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Remember the definition of a channel? Briefly, a channel focuses healing energy through hands to the mind center of the person receiving. In the following photo, Leo is channeling, doing natural hieloheal with nature, earth, the center of gravity of the ground beneath him.

Leo is doing hieloheal to Gaia (earth being) unconsciously, I believe. In his mind, I imagine he was laughing at himself trying to get in the picture in the amount of delay he had set for the timer on the camera. But to me, his body language has a spiritual aspect. I know I am not alone in this feeling. Some friends of his have told me that the freedom Leo lived inspired them to open up. A yoga teacher told me that Leo was deeply spiritual but not in any recognized way.

Look at the runner. He's focused in bliss, his hands in hieloheal with the center of gravity in earth under his body. Look at the beauty of his hands. They evoke loving healing energy, like light on the earth.

Leo Geary running on log

Leo's running hieloheal is different than the chakra mind center focused hieloheal. But it has similar characteristics and underlying purposes.

One message is to "be more attentive to the unseen. Trust that you can receive guidance" and follow it!

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