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"Between the Guru and Me" has a lengthy story all its own. But simply, it shows Caroling's vibes in red, the guru's vibes in dark blue. They are pulling in energy toward their concentration. Overall float vibes from Buckminster Fuller's mind. Synergy is selfless and non-dual, transcending the ego problem in union. Read the complete story behind the window in Journal1-6-73. Here other other related journal excerpts.

2/22/1999 The change target Shim is scarlet and that is part of light trio pale blue same as background and spring green. Those were the colors I saw spinning around the light in my first acid trip and what I designed into the window that John Wallis put down so heavily and what I finally painted around my window frames in Staten Island. It is part of the I and the Guru panel in Wholeo too. Wonder if I could associate them with the spinning 5WLB artifacts?

6/18/1988 here was a time when I felt a kind of vibration from the master. And I felt, almost like removing plaque, or, it wasn't a scraping, it was a gentle buzz, buzzz, buzzing. An awakening on a certain level. Was like a sand-blasting. It wasn't violent in any way. I could see her physically present. I could feel her will. I don't know if its just that she exudes being on that level, so that it was my memory of her doing it. Or if it was personal in any way, I kinda doubt it. Maybe it was just my envisioning of her. But the way it expressed itself in my vision, was of a presence that was shaking me up at the next level, where I was able to be shaken up. By attending to that, its like layers falling away. It's so nice to have her there. I like the way she calls everyone friend. She is so sensible and I love her smiles. I love her point of view. It's strange.

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