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Again Yogananda comes as a hummingbird. In yoga, Funicula finds herself trying on different 3 -cornered hats, contemplating the progression of shapes.

'Angles are close to the language of the gods' is a sentence that has haunted Funicula enigmatically for 10 years.

The energy peak seems right overhead. Maybe angles are created by different peaks of aura. (?)
5 3,6 4 As above, so below.
Still Funicula desires the man and her love; with restless mind, she feels dissatisfied with her life.

Then the shape appears as a new way to envision the Kriya breathing process. Breathe in Yogananda. Her guru guides her directly. Breathing into the point of Babaji as light, she holds and breathes out and holds. The bone-melting light floods her. In Yukteswar, breathing into the point again, she plucks the fruit. Drawing quickly away, so as to create a vacuum, drawing light down from vertical to horizontal. Also, she consolidates in a 'muliplying on the earth plane' motion. Breathing out in Lahiri, she spreads the light out on the broad base of this world, this light.

"Yogananda, may I experience this bliss directly?"

Instantly, her request is granted. Funicula is blown away by the irridescent white light, the fast movement that has an overall stillness... the exciting tranquility. Above all, she feels fulfilled. She feels this is the reality she has been seeking. It is beyond anything she has known.
Funicula does breath of fire. The symbol is now her anatomy. (Jewel. Relating shape. God/dess.) Sh is released from cirulating her spirit coils, which she has done for two years. For years she has worked to develop awareness of her psychic anatomy. Now it appears to be changing, fading. The symbol is an important key. But it may be upside-down for a female.

Hours later, Funicula, still blissful, exclaims, "My body-mind is exhibiting the same squeaky-clean twirly joy I feel after love. But it's got more dimensions, it's more tranquil, more central. This must be my path. Thanks spirit world for this glimpse of joy. I pray that this may be my permanent state."

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