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Travel, the Gateway of Dreams, El Paso de los Suenos

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The Gateway of Dreams is a translation of the name of an environmental sculpture, El Paso de los Suenos, located at the corner of Matilde and El Camino in Sunnyvale, California, USA. It is a Wholeo ritual space. (That means I like it -- even if it belongs to the city of Sunnyvale.)

Here are photos from the solstice shoot at 7 a.m. June 21, 1998. Also, see the QTVR object and panorama movies. That is, you can spin the gateway around, seeing how it looked from all around, as if you are walking around it. You can go into the gateway sculpture, and stand in the sunlit space cut. On the one hand you look to the sun coming at you. On the other hand you look at the path of the light flowing past you, shaped by the gateway. It is a focused beam, carrying you from the heart of the solstice to beyond. As time and life goes on, these pages tune you back to that flash of light.

scattered colorGateway spattering prana

At the moment of solstice, the sun was close to dawn. At that time the path of light is a narrow line passing through the space cut in the gateway sculpture. The path of the line of light is now thinner than it is at any other dawn of the year. The colors are artifacts of the camera lens, but I see and breathe them as rainbow spectrums, healing rays. They are presents from the sun. I must not look straight at the sun. Only reflections and refractions of sunlight are safe for my eyes. So I take these colors.

to sunLooking to the sun, medium size or large

Here you come into the space between the two parts of the Gateway. Bask in the sun streaming here. Or stand in the shade. In the northern hemisphere of earth, this is the longest day of the year. Best wishes to those in the southern hemisphere where it is the shortest day of the year. Photographers and QTVR artists in Austrailia, for example, at this moment might still be in the dark and it is winter, even if it is tomorrow.

sun pathSun through the path

Looking the other way, you see the thin beam of light shaped by the space in the gateway. The light is caught and scattered in the grooves of the cut. Some say it is channeled back and forth between the cut faces of the two parts of the Gateway.

Also, see the June solstice page.

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