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This 180-degree panorama is a companion to the world of colors behind you.

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The QTVR background is the 180-degree span of the sun path. It is a short panorama for a short day. The dawn sun path and the day sun path for the same day are intertwined. So you see morning, noon, and night, in "Dawn, Day, and Dusk". The new moon reflects the sun light carrying messages from the center of the galaxy. For more about the lineup, see the Dec 98 solstice pages. For my optional holiday entry to Wrinkle 3, see the solstice color healing. It is a QTVR, too.

Dawn, Day, and Dusk -- before you, dark, light, and shadows

You are standing within the gateway of dreams. Looking south, you see the south face of the gate up close. It is quite groovy. It reverberates vibrations of light from the groovy north face of the gate in constant myriad directions. Being within the gate here is a meditation space, a chamber of insight and change. Consider yourself bound here for eternity, as if entombed within a great pyramid, tied in the knot of the infinity sign of the panoramas of the day. Zeroed in at the center, the moment of the solstice.

The Space Body Shop is perfect for your transformation in the cosmic lineup. The bell-shaped lantern for El Camino Real is a poetic detail too -- holiday ringing on "the Royal Road". The cars at the left side of the pano have a springing energy, like chariots of the sun god, carrying the light across the sky. They come from under dawn, the unlit underworld, charging into the day. The orchid glow of twilight blends the colors of pink dawn and blue day skies, holding the wonder.

This pano spawned some more colorful versions. I had a hard time deciding which one or ones to send to Wrinkle 3 (5). Let me know if you have any thoughts.

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