New Zealand, Two Thumbs photos

These are the photos on my first trip up the Rangitata Gorge road in a rental car on November 30, 1996. The goal was to get as close as possible to the Two Thumbs. I ended at Mesopotamia station. The pictures after crossing the river end at Erewhon station, where a stream stopped me from going all the way for a view of the Thumbs.

Later I spent two weeks stalking the thumbs, based at Rangitata Rafts lodge.
Finally, I flew over the Thumbs.

pic322 pic323 pic324 pic325 pic326 pic327 pic328 pic329 pic330 pic331 pic332 pic333 pic334 pic335 pic336 pic337 pic343pic338 pic339 pic340 pic341 pic342 pic344

See maps of the location and the New Zealand travel page.

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