New Zealand, Rangitata Rafts photos

These are pictures of stalking the Two Thumbs peaks on November 30, 1996. First, driving up the east side of Lake Tekapo to the Lilybank station on an incredibly windy day. We could not view the Two Thumbs from here, although they were just over the hills to the right.

Then during two weeks, based at Rangitata Rafts lodge, watching the weather and ranging from White Rock station, where the rafts put in, to Peel Forest. Behind the lodge is Raules Gully, a scenic reserve. I looked straight out into the impenetrable native bush. At the left, toward the Alps, I saw Coal Hill in rain, rainbows, and snow. To the right, I looked towards the plains of Canterbury and Christchurch.

Previously, my first view of the Two Thumbs.
Finally, I flew over the Thumbs.

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See maps of the location and the New Zealand travel page.

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