New Zealand, Flying Over the Two Thumbs photos

These photos are on a trip up and over the Two Thumbs in a small plane that Laurie Prouting flew from Mesopotamia station on December 16, 1996. The first picture is rafting on the Rangitata Gorge, on water flowing from the Southern Alps, including the Thumbs. This experience helped me get in the mood. I'm the one in the green helmet. See maps of the location.

The second picture is from White Rock station, looking up the Rangitata Gorge road to Mesopotamia station. If the clouds did not cover the peaks, the Two Thumbs would be visible from here. The third picture is in the plane before takeoff. The helicopter is reflected in the windshield of the 5-seater plane.

Previously, my first view of the Two Thumbs.
Two weeks stalking the thumbs, based at Rangitata Rafts.

pic318 pic383 pic384 pic385 pic386 pic387 pic388 pic389 pic390 pic391 pic392 pic395 pic396 pic393 pic394

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