Eastern Towhee by Deer Lake North, Florida from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

Eastern Towhee, a bird by Deer Lake north

Deer Lake State Park has a Nature Trail on the north side of Scenic Coastal Highway 30A in Walton County Florida. On 2-5-2018 at the end of the side path to Deer Lake, here's a good look at an Eastern Towhee. The sound I made at the beginning of the video is my imitation of the sound that I now think is a cardinal. The bird is looking at the dry, wintry surface of the lake with dark remnants of a controlled burn.

Alternatively, see video on YouTube

Awareness Colors

Emerald Green for awarenessjjGreen background in the Trips section? emerald green for awareness. Partially, it is about balance through opposites. These color wheel examples show the pure hues. Lighter purple is the Trips background hue. The bright green hue is the complementary color on the color wheel. The background of this text is the darker complement of the Trips background color. Credit for the color wheels goes to Delphine Doreau 2016.

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