People watching inOutfall opening in Deer Lake, Florida InOutfall Opening on April 23, 2018

Deer Lake State Park 2018

Eastern Towhee

Movie of this colorful bird (Towhee).

Monitor Marked Plants

Metal tag #332 marking a pitcher plant for monitoring survival over the years Monitoring three plants marked with metal tags numbered 386, 368, and 332.


InOutfall opening in Deer Lake on 4-23-2018 InOutfall Opening on Deer Lake

Snowy Plover from chick to fledgling A snowy plover from chick to fledgling

Art and photo of Pelican on shore, holding wings up

Sunrise Storm over Deer Lake State Park, 2018 Sunrise Storm on July 8. Sunrise Beyond Rain video on August 19

Rays At Dawn Rays At Dawn - See what gets caught on August 14

Interspecies Communication - Caution: Visions

Awareness Colors

Emerald Green for awarenessjjGreen background in the Trips section? emerald green for awareness. Partially, it is about balance through opposites. These color wheel examples show the pure hues. Lighter purple is the Trips background hue. The bright green hue is the complementary color on the color wheel. The background of this text is the darker complement of the Trips background color. Credit for the color wheels goes to Delphine Doreau 2016.

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Eagles on a nest Eagles rebuilding a nest. Later occupied by Great Horned Owls Eagles repaired but did not stay in this nest

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