5-17-18 male snowy plover kept an eye on his chick 'WB'

WB was one of four Snowy Plover chicks that hatched this year. WB became a fledgling.

Fledgling Snowy Plover DLSP 2018

Snowy Plovers are a threatened species in Florida. FWC researchers band the birds to keep track of them. I have seen single fledglings in 2015 and 2017. In 2018 I watched one for a month following the chick as recent hatchling under the care of both parents, then with the father, and finally fledging and becoming independent. It is Fledgling 1 pending a second chick about two weeks old when posting this page.

5-17-18 adult SNPL and chick 5-17-2018 WB and Dad at first sighting

5-17-18 WB under S:W//B (chick under male parent) 5-17-2018 WB ducking under Dad's wing. All the way under.

5-18-18 Female of the brood 5-18-2018 Female of the brood. She often helped parenting early on, then disappeared.

5-18-2018 WW, the other chick that did not survive

5-19-2018 WB, the chick that fledged

5-20-18 WW 5-20-18 WB 5-20-18 WW and WB

5-21-18 Male covering both WB and WW chicks under wings

5-21-18 Snowy male chasing sanderling 5-21-2018 Snowy male chasing sanderling

5-24-18 Snowy male chasing, wings extended 5-24-2018 Snowy male chasing with wings extended

On 5-25 note how carefully the TDC Code Enforcement truck driver drives the park, missing plovers. Or plovers avoided it. Video.

On 6-3 two movies on Vimeo of how WB runs in front of a runner, or with Dad: https://vimeo.com/280559246 or https://vimeo.com/280558930. Alternatively, see them on YouTube: https://youtu.be/m_O5fiZoW1U or https://youtu.be/7P3Z5diwCsg

6-5-18 chick and dad merge 6-5-2018 See chick's beak under male's wing

6-9-18 chick and dad merge 6-9-2018 Chick under wing

6-10-18 WB 6-10-2018 WB

6-15-18 WB developing tail feathers 6-15-2018 WB developing tail feathers

6-17-18 WB 6-17-2018 WB

7-1-18 WB officially fledged 7-1-2018 WB officially fledged

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