Leo Geary over the Bristlecones

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In 1992 Leo Geary was living in New Zealand when he decided to revisit the US and enter parapente competions in Owens Valley, in the White Mountains of California. I came to see . That was my introduction to the town of Bishop, the views of the high mountains, and the ancient Bristlecone forest. These photos are all related to flying.
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Flying over Owens Valley in a parapente

* Leo took the first and last of this series of photos, flying in parapente over Owens valley. If you drove over the Sierra mountains from Yosemite Park to Mono Lake, then took a right hand turn, you would appear driving south on Highway 395 in the first photograph. Other photos zero in on the Gunter parapente launch or takeoff site in the White mountains.

I went up to see what parapenting was all about. By cooincidence, out of dozens of parapenters, I happened to choose the same person that Leo had photographed from the air days earlier. So you see the takeoff sequence (by me) and views from midair (by Leo).

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White mountains photos and graphics

Near Bristlecones* Here is a photo of the White mountains where he flew. The parapenter (Leo himself) is lifted from a photo Leo sent the year before from Benhopai, New Zealand.

Panoramic View from Bishop Airfield

looking NW* Here are three ways to see a 360-degree vista.There are nine photos taken from the middle of the airfield in Bishop, California. It is the morning of September 27, 1992. An airshow is going on and views of the Sierras and White Mountains bask in the morning sun. A plane carrying Leo Geary's sister, Elizabeth, is about to land, coming in from New York City, via Los Angeles.

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Credits: * photos © Leo Geary and Caroling 1992, 1996, 1997. All rights reserved.

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