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*This scene is in the White Mountains between Bishop, California and Coaldale, Nevada. The viewpoint is from the radio towers camping spot at over 10,000 feet altitude. Morphed photos show how Leo Geary might have flown his paraglider up from the left, from the west, heading northeast towards Nevada.

The movie is 5 MB. You can view it with a QuickTime plug-in for the browser. With a 28.8 modem, it takes 22 minutes to download.

Here are some stills that are morphed and animated in the movie.
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Leo flew over the ancient Bristlecone Forest. He probably went over the peaks in the distance. The highest one is Mt. Blanco at almost 14,500 feet (about the same as Mt. Cook in New Zealand).

The Bristlecone Medicine Wheel is down the wiggly road, past the first few hills in the middle distance.

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