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Trying to bring Elobeing into 3D. Sketches in gray, color, and in walktalk setting.

Evolving, Elobeing: 2014-December

Journal excerpts from November 30 through December 30, 2014 telling about a commitment to follow Evolving Elobeing in visionary meditation. Entries are in chronological order. Some entries are links to the weB log. Following the links are entries that not in the weB log.


Elo Walktalk. At about 3:30 last night, there was the feeling of why picture Leo/Elo as he was in the earth world? That's not where it's at for him now. There was some kind of spirit. Almost like we had made a pact that after he went, I would learn as a human to recognize him. I've been sort of OK with this. Except I'm already backtracking, clinging on to the Leo I loved, that was in my life.

But the form that he's in now got real apparent when I woke up this morning. It is still the torus, like a wider torus than I had before. Maybe, say 3' by 8”. Or could be different scale, but that proportion. Maybe he can vary that. I think that's able to be varied. While I'm describing this, the vision is changing. Like we're totally in touch. I'm describing something that is real time. OK the banners are withdrawn. Or gone.

I don't know if this is a mature form but there is a development of the spine in the middle. Something like a pineapple? The challenge for him is to remember what it was like to be human. It's a two-way thing. I'm describing things in our world. So local to our world that I have to describe it in abstract terms. It comes up. There's a bunch of fronds like this (I pause and am looking at the grass bunch of stems in ground rising up about 3' and fanning out not straight but curved.) Fronds bound at the bottom in a narrow cluster and fanning out towards the top. The end of those fronds is some kind of little ball. I don't know what that is. Seems to be a circle of little flowerets. Seems like this Elobeing is a combo of species. Not an animal but has features of consciousness that I recognize.

In the center is more like a cross form. Like a black vertical and horizontal, like an antenna, like a transmitter? The torus is squinched up, almost like a vertical pumpkin shape.

I'm hearing that I have to put this guidance on my website even though it seems so imaginative to me. Wishful thinking.

Seeing that the torus doesn't have to stay in a circle. It can inhale and be like a Wholeo symbol (vertical). The fronds have turned black and thicker. Like a banana, overripe. It seems like I was chosen for this ability to imagine these things. I need to use it. So embarrassing. I guess I'm flawed. Nancy says we all experience ourselves as flawed. If I had the right courage and talent, I would make this into a story so compelling.

Missing entries in here. See weB log 2014 for December 07, 08, 11, 13, 14, 18 and weB log 2015 for December 21, 22, 23.


Woke up at 3:39 with the alarm going off loudly. I grapple with the clock to turn off switch that was already off. Gradually realize it was a dream alarm. Think of Elobeing immediately. I'm so tired, I can not imagine computer or writing. Get camera and lie down with it on movie. Here's what I say:

I see Elobeing with banners off, lined up side by side on a hanger. Tips folded a bit down into earth ground. Then seeing an insect aspect. Fliers, furry, shiny, glowing like iridescent green scales that looks really scary to me.

Love the sigh at the very end after long silence. Couldn't do that for long but have promised to do a 20-minute visionary meditation each day, devoting attention to Elobeing. That is, not particularly to one individual but to the evolutionary being state, vs. human being state. Maybe to myself as an Elo being.

I realized that the banners hung up is symbolic as are the banners in ground, meaning he's stuck here. And the bug means he's going to bug me or he's bugged until I pay attention to this. It's all a metaphor.

I feel like I can adjust my spine to be better aligned in a torus. I've never felt anything but stacked before. Strange. And wonderful. I felt I had opened. Relaxed. Put my head back and my shoulders back. Opened. Nothing there. Nothing special. Then I felt that stuff was being given to me that enhanced my ability to act galactically or evolutionarily. Every cell in me has to agree to that. And they, we did. All of a sudden my hands went up into a long skinny Wholeo (sign) singing it up. And then it came down to the ground. That was the completion of that installation.

He was showing me banners that had evolved. I've only seen banners that had bands (was thinking they were like frequencies in an EM spectrum). These have pictures. Artworks. A way of expressing. I know we were going to speak in colors but this is all kinds of visual display. O my gosh. Gasp. It is going to be so incredible. See this Elobeing. Then drawing on the banners. What he is saying is there are several and they are kind of waving around like different dangling tentacles and curling and waving and going a little to and fro. I'm not sure if these are different dimensions. Say the color of the grass, house and sky, across different galaxies and would be tipped different ways. Textured in different ways. Meaning different things. (I'm seeing these all like a costume, pictured in Vogue, or on a model, or as clothes that I can buy that are like expressing my communications). I see a little white dot, blinking blinking like a little flower or Tchew, repeated sound effects. Pause.


Started talking way after start of Elobeing meditation. It has taken me this long to try to escape from the bruised feelings, my insecurities, my wondering, my … I realize that my children Leo and Elizabeth had those kind of feelings plus all the extras because of race, skin, hair and all kinds of things they had to deal with. And now Leo just waiting for me, saying something like “waaaa t eeerrrr” (which he said to alert me to turn off the tap. Save water). Knowing what is at stake. What is precious. Somehow love doesn't depend on any choices we make. Deep blue violet, red violet, blue violet all at the same time, with whites. Like stars. And darks. Like I don't know what. Silhouettes. It is upon these darks that we can ride.

Lily at the top of my spine. A line coming up with four lily petals. Explodes in flame. Red. Laugh. It has been so blue. All of a sudden it seems in a white context that red balances. Sigh, I can't describe my visions. It is supposed to be visionary meditation but how can I put into words all I'm seeing. In short, it seems like there is something between this red (on left) and blue (on right) that is being constructed, molded, articulated, sculpture, light. The red side is definitely smaller. The blue is larger. Almost like a cone. Like a badminton cock (or a lunar module, the part that came back thru earth's atmosphere) with the red at the rounded end. Feathers at the blue end. But much more complex in my vision.

Through my navel. There's a hollow in my back, like a blue furnace, shaped like one of those tubular kind of flowers. Zooming forward. My body was sort of melting into the tube with a narrowing end. Overall the building, setting up delineations of beings that can be filled in some way or bringing raw materials or could just be dancing. Energizing a location or space or a creative kind of thing. I could expand all of me. Seems like that would be the way to go. Be the walls of the tunnel. Not to enter a premade tunnel. The light is behind me. Kind of like a funicular, like green basket weaving or plants, alive, could be our thoughts. The end of timer ascension vibe sound, I was thinking sun. Meditation comments don't stop there/then. Somehow it is very hot and fiery in there. Bye bye Elobeing. See you next time. All the time. But I mean this little window that we're making. Gee, I feel physically good this afternoon. How strange.


Meditated with LeoElo. Turning crystal Geome over and show it. First there was a slight shifting (la ul la ul rhythmic sound) shaking along a vertical axis. The tiniest bit is disturbing to human. Gets their attention. Then a kind of shimmering iridescent, metallic coloring. I can't say that I could see anything like that, but it turned me invisible. Then he began transporting me. Taking me on a flight and assured me that it would be OK. Going backwards. I had to put my hands out on my knees. So arms down to sides make the trunk into one vertical. Elbows at hips, arms out to legs makes, in s sense 3 axes. The cushion is the 4th, making core of tetrahedron. Then I had to hollow my hands out. Tip my head back. Open my mouth. All cavities. I'm just a ahhh interstice of spheres. Imagine that you have these spheres in your cavities. And you switch so that the interstice that fills, that you are, is actually between what you really are, which is the spheres. Then the spheres start to expand. Pause.

Laugh delighted. I have to say, that's the most unique and delicious feeling. Pause. It is pale pink, with green shadows. It's not like balloons because there is no lighter than air. It's evolution kind of stretching. These balloons are one entity so they aren't going to fly apart. But on the other hand, they're not stuck together. Just cohere. And these are evolutionary healing aura. You can invoke this aura with this meditation. You don't have just one aura. You have auras for different moods and happenings and purposes. This is the Elo evolutionary aura. Laugh. Ahh.

This is a time, a different time. But a different space. I can open my eyes and see myself here. But this space that Eloleo has taken me is right here. An aspect of space that I didn't know about. It has blue, blue aspects, blue lighting. He says, “I want you to add this aura to your aura inventory” so when you are in your mind, thinking, emotions, being, sense of health, your power, and all the aspects of your chakras. Also feel an evolutionary aura.

Evaura. It helps to minimize the ego. The ego is only between, minimized. Helps it to be elegant, do what it needs to do. Not expand and multiply and creep. It doesn't need to because it is in love with this aura. Which gets a sense of sufficiency. No matter what will come, it's calm, peaceful, while being joyous, ecstatic and fulfilled. Hi flying. Not disruptive. Not violent.

My hands feel a pressure. Pressure in my palms. I don't know what that is. I don't know if that's acknowledgment of the ego. Acceptance. It's kind of like a boat. It's a vehicle. It has a sound that the inner mix-tape craves. Not to repeat the same old songs. Ha Ha, I guess I should have known. It's not the same scales or the same …. You can't hear it with ears. It's like a smell. It's not like a painting. It is something like a sculpture.

The music of the spheres. Is there really such a thing? Is that related to this? That was the shortest 20 minutes ever. Seemed like 5. I'm getting the feeling that about all I can achieve in publishing this week is to chronicle these channellings. See if I can visualize it in image or video later.


Elobeing meditation has some interesting points about meditation but none seem particularly evolutionary.

Elobeing X-refs or Journal Evolving.

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