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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic. See OMlulu and index.

5 WLBs and the source artifact 0 commandments

artifact tet Benzoa (bens'wa). (1) Help me. Save me. Is contracting. (2) Affirm the still place, where contraction comes from. That makes it expansion. As in acceptance of death, first grieve for the contracting then joy in the expansion. Related to Grebe, tetrahedron. artifact cube Galargua (gal-arg'wa). (3) The interface to my singularity -> . (or undivided) (4) The interface to multiplicity -> O (very divided) Related to Seraph. Cube. artifact hemisphere Fencid. Starts with consonant sound between F and G. Like first part of J or a very short G. Kind of movement or change.(5) Beat wings down, bird forward (prepare for glide). (6) Glide, feet back, wings up (prepare for beat). Related to Muzlo. Hemisphere.
artifact pent Tresker. Kinds of weaving, with 5 strands in a braid. (7) Reach out for the strand. (8) Reach in for the winding together with other strands. Related to Benetron. Pent. artifact hexagon Endali. (9) Vibe as feather in natural direction. (10) Feather vibe dragged unaturally in reverse (like petting cat from tail to head.) Reverse and retro reverse (both on either side of the shaft). Related to Twistor. Hexagon artifact twistSvaeieia, Svahili. (11) Buoyant and (12) fragrant are the commandments of 6 Svwa, the source or background. The name is the start of Svaeieia, Shivaya, and Swahili.

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